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Current Produt Reviews: (Updated Nov. 2007)
RPG Diffusor Systems
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PROPER Equipment Protection is not with MOV based surge protectors. To view video, be patient, the file is large

Residential Systems March 06 "Enveloped in Music and Surround" by WD

SCN March 06 "Connectivity" Ethernet and Beyond

SCN March 06 "Can You Hear Me Now ?" by WD Wireless Systems

SCN May 05: Audio Testing Tools by WD

SCN June 06: Acoustic Tools by WD

Residential Systems Aug. 05: Audio Setup in a Residential World by WD

SCN: Portable Drills for Contractors by WD

Pro Sound News April 04: Sales Commentary by WD

SCN Nov. 05: DLP>LCD:Projectors, Screens, Software & More! by WD

SCN Oct. 05: Business Presentations & Surround Sound! by WD

Product Reviews

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Residential Systems: The Precarious State of Surround-Sound Music by WD

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Educating the professional studio market for over 25 years

Residential Systems
The professionals guide to home A/V

Residential Systems

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Systems Contractor News

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Audio Engineering Society

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