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Commercial Marketplace Integration and sales: -Acoustical - Audio/Video :  Boardroom - Office - Residential;
MARKETING PLANS  -Design concepts - SALES PLANS -Product  placement guides - SOUND CONTROL GUIDES -

Some of our services:
  • Sales Channel Development - Commercial Integration - Architectural - School - Residential Integration - MI
  • Sales Plans
  • Brand Management & Development
  • Marketing Plans
  • AIA presentations and educational seminars
  • Distribution Strategies
  • Business Plans
  • Catalogue & brochure creation
  • Technical Support
  • International Sales Management
  • Design Support

Pro Audio Now, offers our clients multiple business services. These services currently include territory and National representation (manufacturers' representatives), marketing including all collateral materials, distribution channel management, contract management, business development initiatives, market research, marketing  and product design support.

Our goal is to maximize brand positioning and deliver consistent, measurable marketing & sales results to the manufacturers that we represent. 

Our experience, combined with our business acumen allows us to better service your needs.  In order for us to begin addressing your goals, please feel free to e-mail a detailed list of your needs, in order of importance, so that we can prepare & discuss some options for you and your firm.
Feel free to call us at (212)-861-6656 at any time to address any issues. 
We will update this page frequently so be sure to check back!


Professional Electronics Today LLC.


Bridging the gap between marketing needs and sales goals!           
Complete sales & marketing services to meet the current demands of International trade.  More than 25 years of proven results!
With Martin Porter Associates, first outside sales & marketing consultant to the Audio Engineering Society.  The results speak for themselves!
Dear Wayne -- "I think you and Marty Porter did a great job...can't believe there were people there right up to 4:00pm on Monday...YIKES"  Robert Clyne Neilson Clyne PR  www.neilsonclyne.com
"excellence in marketing. Someone at AES had a brilliant insight:  More seminars, corporate sponsors, splashy graphics, and hip ads did wonders in causing an attendance surge – tilted toward a younger demographic – that made this the most lively AES show in years." Craig Anderton www.craiganderton.com
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Sales and Marketing Solutions for your FUTURE!
Custom service's by application and need!
Please contact us to solve your problems!