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BRYSTON Electronics

Recording studio and commercial grade audio amplifiers, electronics and playback monitors.

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     Pro Audio Now, proudly announces isolation and vibration tools, from the World leader in this catagory, REGUPOL.  Regupol continues to offer various versions of vibration and isolation roll-out systems, in LEED leading recycled rubber versions. For use in Multiple dwelling floor designs, whole home, and or individual room planning.  Recording studios, residential theaters, commercial spaces of interior vibration & sound reduction mitigation & full Isolation.  Pads, pre - assembled sub-floors, wall & ceiling clips, and various flat and or dimpled roll-out systems


RPG Acoustics - World leader in Custom, architecturally based acoustical treatments for the Commercial, Studio, and Home Theater marketplaces.   Pro Audio Now LLC, furthers design, specification and Sales support for all acoustical tools through individual project discussions, and optional acoustician reccomendation

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