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PLEASE CLICK ON ANY LOGO ABOVE to go directly to the companies website for detailed product information, technical downloads, CSI documents as available, installation details, and the occasional beauty shots of recent projects.

REGUPOL Acoustics:
  A Division of Regupol America who manufactures nearly 100% of their Isolation and noise prevention products in Lebanon, PA. of mostly, 100% Recycled Rubber, or Post-Consumer Origin with a high LEED Point value.  Flooring Underlayment, Building foundation and Floor Isolation, Scientific level machine isolation, Wall and ceiling noise control, Adhesives, Studio type pre-built floor isolation, Adhesives & more.
ARITHMETIC – DESIGN Company:  A 21st. Century, engineered acoustical collection of tools that were designed from the ground up to work in a symbiotic way from origin, maintaining a similar visual.  This includes ABSORPTION, DIFFUSION, and REFLECTION tools, of Wood and glass.  Customized in material and finish to meet the need of any designer and architects visual concept, while exceeding the acoustical need of the acoustician.  The modern approach to studio acoustics.  Unique concepts, delivered in record times to the job site!
SONIC/CORE: A total, integrated solution to acoustic absorption in an AWI & FSC Certified, microperforated one inch thick wood veneered panel.  Why bother adding fiberglass to the back of [other] products ?  Why pay for extra materials and labor ?
SEYMOUR-SCREEN Excellence:  Custom, made in the USA, screening room quality projection screens. The finest visual acuity with acoustic transparent materials in the industry. Seamless sizes up to 300″ Wide Reference model.



We have worked with the most advanced, industry defining technologies the respective companies have put forth, for over 20 years.  In 2021, we continue to enhance our mixture of solutions for the world’s top acoustical engineers and audio/video consultants.  In turn to support their respective clients in the  designer and architectural spaces we combine the best of FUNCTIONAL performance, with visual FORM appeal.