New Tools and Technologies

A ‘C’ mounted example of DIFFUSE-ELITE

MCM Acoustical – A totally integrated architectural solution provider with the most advanced facilities in North America.  Micro-perforated panels and planks made by precision laser equipment in house, that start from an in-house supply stock of MDF cores up to 5′ wide and over 500,000 square feet of assorted veneer awaiting the call to be assembled, laid out, and pressed, in-house.  A PLATINUM Level AWI Certified facility, dedicated to Old-World European Craftsmanship in a 21st. century North American facility.  Panels – Planks – Linears, for Walls and Ceilings.

Acoustical solutions for every project. Where PRECISION and FUNCTION meet in DESIGN!

Pro Audio Now, has your tools.

REGUPOL SonusWave High-Performance Impact Sound Control