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REGUPOL Acoustics

REGUPOL SonusWave Underlayment: 100% Pre & Post Consumer Recycled Rubber, High Performance Underlayment –  Standard thickness’ 6 mm (1/4″), 8 mm, 10 mm, 17 mm & 25 mm (1″).  Up to 8 LEED Points
Green Circle Certified. (click the image for more information).

Under Tile, Concrete, Nailed down or Floated Hardwood, or Carpet: SonusWave

Arithmetic Design, Inc.


ARITHMETIC Has redefined the acoustical tool pallet where the Diffusion, Absorption, and Reflection Tools keep a UNIFORM DESIGN.  Depths may change, finishes can be literally anything, but visuals remain constant.
Concert Hall – Recording Studio – Residential Rooms  (Click image for downloadable PDF’s)





Installation Details:

REGUPOL Acoustics

REGUPOL SonusWave: 100% Post Consumer Recycled Rubber, High Performance Underlayment –
Hardwood Installation Link: CLICK
Nail Down Hardwood Flooring Installation Link: CLICK
Tile or Stone Installation Instructions: CLICK
REGUPOL SonusClip ™ Installation Guide: CLICK
REGUPOL SoundPanel Installation Instruction for Concrete Slab: CLICK – and for Floating Floor: CLICK
REGUPOL Sonus LV LVT Flooring specific Impact Sound Isolation Underlayment Installation instructions: CLICK


DIFFUSE™ Commercial Application Installation Example: CLICK HERE  (Call for more information)
DIFFUSE™ Residential Application Installation Example: CLICK HERE
DIFFUSE High™ Tongue & Groove Convex Curve Mounting Example: CLICK HERE
DIFFUSEGLASS™ Transparent Sound – Transparent Diffusor; Floor to ceiling Mounting Example: CLICK HERE



Nakymatone invisible loudspeaker, installation details for existing walls or ceilings for 100% invisible results!
This short video, details the cut-out of existing sheetrock, mounting of the speaker, skim coating and totally hiding
this very unique loudspeaker.  HEARD, but never seen! CLICK for video Link


Test Data:

REGUPOL Acoustical Testing data: All testing data from independent laboratories.

Regupol ® Vibration and Regufoam ® Vibration tools:
Regufoam: Mixed-cell Polyurethane, specific to vibration and structure-borne sound isolation, in 12 types, load specific.
Regupol Vibration: Acoustical elastomer of rubber compound, in 8 unique types, separately engineered for different loads. {Clicking will bring you to TECHNICAL DATA HANDBOOK – master data and testing of all Regupol Vibration/Regufoam}.
Natural Resonant Frequencies (f  ≥ 7.5 Hz) constant over wide load ranges.

REGUPOL Assembly Specifier, [searchable] by type of installation; Structure Build, Finish floor, Ceiling type.
Full Independent laboratory test reports available, by PDF button links, with simple STC [dB], IIC [dB], ΔIIC [dB], OITC results on respective installation examples Test Reports main page. CLICK THIS PARAGRAPH FOR MASTER LINKS

Regupol SonusClip:  Resilient isolation clips are available THREE ways;
SonusClip for Stud/beam/Hat channel placement for pre-construction or with existing sheetrock or beam.
Sonus D90, for Right Angle use, on walls and or studs .
Sonus SLC Clip which has an i-Bolt design, self leveling, Hat channel attachment point.

UL Tested/Rated for : TWO LAYER 5/8th.” Gyp, 36 pounds/clip, vertically or horizontally.
From an  18″ open web trussing, 3/4″ OSB above, finished with LVT.  Result is an STC of 60 and an IIC of 54, (dB).
The full Intertek report can be viewed by clicking the paragraph above.

Regupol SonusClip


Underwriters Laboratories (UL) test the SonusClip for UL Fire Code approvals. The acoustical data is reviewable by clicking here.  Various Installation options are detailed with respective STC & IIC results.  The actual video of the fire test is below!

ARITHMETIC Elevate your art -Through Science.  ABSORB ™ and  DIFFUSE ™ Acoustic Systems

ARITHMETIC Design DIFFUSE ™ Signature Acoustical System: Supplemental Performance Data: CLICK
Testing performed by independent laboratories, not related to ARITHMETIC DESIGN
ISO-17497-2 + ASTM C-423a included in tests.
DIFFUSE SIGNATURE Wood for Astounding acoustical clarity in as little as a 1″ mounting depth.  Wide Bandwidth, Fully Modular, Hybrid Diffusor.

ARITHMETIC Design DIFFUSE ™ High Acoustical System: Supplemental Acoustical Performance Date: CLICK
DIFFUSE High, is a modular integrated plank system, 4 ” Wide that is a mid-frequency diffusion tool, that mitigates high-frequency echo and flutter.  Can be installed FLAT, CONCAVE, or CONVEX, with very unique engineered design. 

ARITHMETIC Design DIFFUSE ™ High FLEX offers a very unique ability to [CURVE] your projects.  A radius of as little
as 6″ can be accomplished.  Please see main DIFFUSE HIGH Acoustical testing links for test results.  Product can be
seen, with respective information, by CLICKING HERE


AIA Seminars, Vendor Education & Additional Information:

REGUPOL America:  LEED & Green Circle Certifications, downloadable: Please click HERE and read or download  any document under SUSTAINABILITY


Arithmetic Design Inc.

ARITHMETIC Helps the engineering community, help the architectural community: FREQUENCIES to Treat for ALL SPACES

REGUPOL Acoustics AIA Seminars:
Please call, or e-mail to schedule an AIA seminar for your firm, through MS Teams or other on-line service, directly with Pro Audio Now.  – OR –
Log onto & Register with AEC Daily for the Regupol America, for a self paced seminar.
INTRODUCTORY LEVEL COURSE:  NOISE CONTROL for Multi-Family Residential Applications.  The course covers Flanking noise transmission, Airborne, and Structure borne noise, applicable to ALL type structures.